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Featuring a collection of images three decades in the making, spanning all seven continents and 160 countries, Beautiful Planet is a groundbreaking app that captures the breathtaking beauty of our world and its cultures.

"Beautiful Planet - Free Passage" is a free sampling of the full Beautiful Planet app containing 56 of the 570 images contained in the full application, and 10 of the 15 galleries.

Reviews of Peter Guttman's work:

"Stunning images...sumptuous, dramatically lit shots." New York Times

"One of the premiere travel photographers." CNN

"Guttman's photographs capture the spirit of a place." Time

"Such a beautiful vision." CBS This Morning

"His photographs all seem to glow from an inner light." Dallas Morning News

"Peter Guttman is a gutsy photographer who has taken pictures all over the world and paints glorious word-pictures with extraordinary photographs." Popular Photography